photo by Andres Gonzalez

Artist Statement

A man with a camera capturing life and Mother Nature in all her beauty, as well as other scenes in society such as concerts, events and community gatherings. As a lifelong resident of rural northern Minnesota, it’s only natural that nature is my favorite subject to photograph as we have that beauty here in front of us every day. Photography is my anti-anxiety medication. I am most relaxed when it’s just me and my camera. I am at my most focused when I am looking at a subject through my viewfinder.

Technique and Technical Skill

A digital single-lens reflex camera (Nikon D750) is my main tool along with a few different interchangeable lenses. I utilize Adobe’s Lightroom software for post-processing. I’m always looking at my subjects in a non-tradition way to find a unique prospective to capture. Some techniques used include long-exposure, image stacking, composite and true black and white, techniques vary for each subject.


Finding angles that don’t fit the traditional format or “rules” of photography. Creating composition out of the ordinary. My inspiration is just wanting people to see a scene that I see as I tend to look at everything like “how can I make this a great photograph”. My motivation is being a creator of art and images. Each image photographed has been carefully thought out, a lot of patience is used in my process. Whether it’s awaiting the right moment for the sun to hit, or waiting for a bird or other wildlife to enter the frame, or watching traditional dancers and finding their “groove” to be able to capture certain emotions and hitting the shutter at the precise moment


I purposely avoid “rules” and traditional methods and I’m always seeking ways to capture images in a unique way. I feel that I don’t have a particular “style” as I try to capture moments in a different way every time. Maybe my style is “non-traditional”. My vision is to share the beauty of our Mother Earth through the images I have captured or created. I feel that most of my work tends to come out very symmetrical. And that’s not necessarily planned. My horizon lines always seem to be flat, subjects seem to be centered and rarely do I need to crop an image because my photograph was planned out in my vision.



1. “Young Eagle Scream”, 2. “Bald Eagle in Flight, 3. “Midday Dreary” 4. “Pollinator: Bumble and Lupine”

“Patient Nature” September-October, 2020 in the Kaul Gallery at Watermark Art Center in Bemidji, Minnesota

“Evolve” September, 2018 Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota